Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village
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What is a Retirement Village?

  • Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village provides supported living accommodation in an environment which encourages independence.  In addition to accommodation the village provides a community lifestyle with like-minded people having similar interests so you can share social and recreational activities.

Why should I move into a Retirement Village?

  • At Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village both you and your family will have peace of mind. You will maintain your independence, whilst you and your family have the comfort and security of knowing assistance is available if and when required. Moving into a retirement village is primarily a lifestyle decision. The benefits include security, social contact, support and assistance if required, participation in activities with other residents and just as important, the independence to maintain your contacts and activities outside of the village.

But I can get services delivered to me at my own home?

  • At Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village you have the privacy of your own self-contained home, furnished as you choose, plus the services. Three meals a day, breakfast delivered to your unit every morning. Weekly cleaning; bedroom and bathroom linen supplied. As needed, our personal care staff are here to provide support and assistance with your daily living needs i.e. shower / dressing assistance, medication monitoring and our trained nurse is available to answer any questions or concerns you or your family may have regarding your medication or health. You have the opportunity to participate in a range of social activities; and most importantly, you and your family have the comfort and security of knowing that assistance is close at hand in the event of an emergency.

Will I ‘own’ my unit?

  • At Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village your tenure is held under Company Title. The property is owned by the Company and the owners of the units purchase shares in the company. Ownership of a particular group of shares in the Company denotes ownership of a particular unit in the building.

Can I have a guest to stay?

  • Many of our residents enjoy having family or friends stay with them in their unit. Guests are always welcome as long as they have consideration for other residents while they are at the village.


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