Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village

Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be the ideal setting for senior residents seeking an inclusive, assisted-living community, where people are encouraged to continue active, fulfilling lives and enjoy independence, companionship and safety, supported by dedicated staff and families.

Our Values

  • Creating a stimulating atmosphere that encourages residents to remain active and engaged with the community, pursuing their interests and forging new friendships
  • Providing an environment that meets the physical, social and economic challenges of ageing on an individual basis with respect and integrity
  • Meeting the needs of individual residents through identifying an appropriate balance of independence and needs-based personal care.
  • Embracing and incorporating current best practice and alternate approaches to meeting the needs and respecting the rights of older people living independently in the community
  • Working closely with residents, families and friends to maintain a vibrant village spirit and sense of community
  • Valuing and supporting diversity and tolerance in our community
  • Investing in the professional development of village staff and providing them a rewarding working environment
  • Preserving the value of our village for current residents, their families and the Lane Cove Community
  • Responsible use of resources and waste management to monitor and reduce the environmental footprint of the village

Please call Margaret Sullivan, General Manager